Joy is a choice

Joy is a choice

Cooking shows on a different level

She stumbled into Live cooking shows as a creative outlet in a definitive transitional moment in her life. She was at the proverbial fork in the road. She had a choice. She chose joy and discovered the Periscope platform almost 6 years ago. Humble innocent yet powerful beginnings. Since then, Ruby’s shine has garnered a steady buzz of interest from people around the world, including many companies and other social media influencers. A natural progression to other live streaming platforms followed and continues to evolve and grow along her journey.

Ruby believes that everything we do should be all about our passions that flow out a clear value system and most importantly about positivity. 

Talking live with the followers and friends while she shares her recipes and ideas makes her feel HAPPY! And "when you’re happy, people feel it, and they become happy too!"

So that's her, the real Ruby Noosa that started for fun and now streaming 4 cooking shows per week over Happs, Tik tok and Instagram!

She is an advocate against domestic violence and online bullying, teaching the young audience the real issues of why bullies do what they do, and most importantly, to "rescue" the trolls that need attention too.

Come and join the fun live and let’s change the world, one troll at the time, because 'JOY IS A CHOICE'.

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I wached one of your shows. Your happiness is contagious and your food looks wonderful. 


I wanted to say that i appreciate your cooking show on periscope. Since it caused me to experiment more with food such as spaghetti


(...)By watching your scopes, listening to your stories and experiences makes me realize there is life and happiness after divorce for me. You made me realize this. You have a gift and I hope you get to share your gift with the world(...)


Hi Ruby, I just love your scopes they are so entertaining. Keep up the good work and we will be watching!